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If you have ever have any problems we will assist you until they are solved. Finding and choosing the right spare part often takes time - we will take it, no matter what, until you are satisfied.


We only sell machinery and spare parts that will meet your requirements. If there is any doubt, we will find you the proper replacement. You can have full confidence in the parts you are procuring.


We will always find a pricing that satisfies all involved parties. In combination with our support and the supplied quality you as our customer will benefit from our outstanding support and the supplied quality.


Timothy Irawan

Timothy Irawan


- Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, earned at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg
- 7 years at the European Space Agency, responsible for Astronauts, System & Payload Hardware onboard the International Space Station
- Took over the family business, located in Hamburg, Germany, in 2016 and improving its service and productivity ever since

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Timothy Irawan +49 40 643 5623